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Have you engraved in your mind images of mothers, sisters and girls wearing that beautiful white dress with the colorful edges? This dignified wear, simple and clean looking outfit is usually hand women in a shemane’s home before it proceeds on to seamstresses and the like.

The weaver is called the shemane and many families in the past went to a particular shemane for clothing. Here is some information about the creation of textiles in Ethiopia:

Culturally, Ethiopians have it arranged so that weaving is carried out by men and men alone. Spinning the cotton is done by the ladies.

Looms are built by hand and are usually mobile. The Shemane takes it around when needed.

Ethiopian cotton is spun raw and is organic.

Sometimes, just sometimes, if you dig your nose into the fabric, you might just get a whiff of smoke, a “eucalyptusy” type scent.